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Thanks, Steinway!

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Steinway Factory Tour (Hint: It was amazing!)  

This past weekend, Steinway Hall Plano invited me to go along with a Texas-based small group to the Steinway Hall Factory in New York. All expenses paid. What a treat! It was first-class treatment all the way, from the hotel accommodations to the luxury bus that provided door-to-door service. The people at the factory headquarters were amazing, knowledgable and had an incredibly high 'care factor' that seemed absolutely genuine.

The purpose of the tour was to educate us on the resources, the history, the process of making the pianos and reinforce the quality of instrument. They did not disappoint! The highlights from the tour were obviously the actual tour of how Steinways are made, and I am REALLY excited about the new Spirio. I was able to play one, and I absolutely could not tell I was playing on a piano that wasn't an iconic acoustic Steinway. It played like butter, seriously. The question in the back of my head is always "if we're always looking back, how are we ever going to move forward." I see the future with this instrument, and it is incredible; ripe with so many possibilities!

For teachers, Steinway now has an incredible resource. Check it out on their website: I'm really excited about it because they are working to become one of our strongest advocates through their directory. Another connection point, a credible referral directory and programs to help us elevate our students through instruments that do not disappoint.

It was an exciting weekend full of fantastic information. If you haven't seriously considered a Steinway or one of their other pianos in the family (Essex or Boston), I would encourage you to explore the possibilities with your local dealer. They do incredible work to make these instruments accessible to teachers. After all, if we aren't willing to invest in ourselves, who else are we going to invest in?

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Pictured above are photos of the factory where the Steinways are built, as well as me in front of the Pictures at an Exhibition piano. Pictured below is me with the googles, that we had to wear...the.whole.time. Safety first! It was a memorable trip and Steinway did a fantastic job reassuring me that they really are the world's best piano. I'm thankful to own one now because it truly is my favorite instrument at the school,, and look forward to adding a second in the future!

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