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Musical Minds ONLINE

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I am SO excited to tell you all about a project that I have been working on in one way or another, for the past year. We've witnessed an incredible time in our history with video-on-demand (VOD) services and all kinds of amazing apps. What I have come to realize and understand is that learning takes place at all times of the day, in all kinds of different ways, and piano instruction shouldn't be any different. Since January 2018, I have been working to solve the problem of bringing musical literacy through amazing piano lessons at a rate that most people can afford, and for as many people as I can reach. Surprise surprise, I use a pop style from the beginning as a place of understanding and inspiration for a wide audience, and...I wrote the music! (You can see some of it and purchase it from my website for now.)

This past summer I took 3 months off, with the hopes of getting closer to my goal. It ended up being a few steps back, but I learned A LOT in the process. I learned about what my natural individual strengths are, what I need in business partnerships and most importantly, what motivates and inspires me to want to create and put my work out there. The struggle was REAL for a few months, but I am really happy with where I started 2019.

March 1, 2019 will be the launch of Musical Minds Online! I have 46 videos to comprise Series 1, complete with a performance series and all kinds of instructional videos, ranging in duration from 5 minutes to almost 20. Here's a link to check out one of the songs and see what the performance series looks like: Imaginary. 

There will be a Founders Circle with discounted pricing, where I of course would love your recommendations, feedback and support.

2019 Launch dates as follows:

March Release

Series 1: Beginner pop style

Facebook group resources

April Release

Technique 1

Facebook group resources

May Release

Series 2: Intermediate, all styles

How to Write Your Own Piano Music (Pop Style)

Facebook group resources

Summer Camp!

June Release

Theory 1 Series: Basics

Theory 2 Series: Scales and Chords

Facebook group resources

July Release

MasterClass Series:

Technique 2

Technique 3

Facebook group resources

August Release

New Music Series

Sight-Read Like a Pro

Facebook group resources

September Release

Jazz Piano Basics

Technique 4

Facebook group resources

October Release

How to Play and Sing (at the same time!)

Facebook group resources

November Release

Winter Music Series to accompany Series 1 and 2 levels

Facebook group resources

December Release

Technique 5

Facebook group resources

More soon....


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