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4 Weeks of Facebook Posts!

A Valuable Plan for Teachers on Social Media

· Music Business

Maintaining a presence online is important for 3 specific reasons:

  1. Visibility
  2. Community Resource
  3. Making the decision to choose YOU even easier!

To keep your plan simple and effective, there are five basic categories to make lists of content for, and then change them out periodically. Either you can hire someone to update it, or you can. The point is, you’ve centralized the information, made content lists of what you want people to see and they go out consistently. No more unnecessary energy spent trying to figure out what to post! If you are unfamiliar with Canva, check it out first, at 


Canva/Professionally-Designed Graphics List

  • Promotional Image of student being successful with slogan (E.g. “Extraordinary Results in Every Student.”)
  • Practice Tips
  • Top 10 (Reasons to Choose YOU!)
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Photo and Video List - readily available for marketing

  • 2 videos of beginning student performances
  • 2 videos of inspiring creative performances
  • 2 videos of advanced students
  • 2 videos of you performing
  • 3 recital photos featuring individual students
  • 3 photos featuring families or friends smiling together before or after a performance (lifestyle type photos)
  • 2 photos of your teaching space
  • Professional photos (2 or 3) of you teaching and/or performing

Useful Information List

  • Practicing tips
  • Instrument-buying tips
  • New music feature
  • Educational articles
  • Music-related articles 
  • Cross promote other business relationships you have (e.g. piano technician contact information) 

Events List

  • Local venues and organizations you check for activities
  • Reference your own calendar and upcoming activities/link up with sign-up to streamline and make things easy


  • 3-5 fun musician jokes, or trivia

This 4-week plan makes it easy and as streamlined as you can get without paying a firm. The best part? It’s simple but seems fresh to the reader. Facebook even lets you schedule posts into the future, so take 30 min or so of your week and simply schedule the posts to go out. Voila! You’re out in front, providing a great resource to the community and reinforcing to your friends and clients why YOU are the best choice for their music lessons. Close to a holiday? Don't forget to post a few images that promote what holiday is coming up (patriotic, Christian, Jewish, Hindi and Muslim celebrations come to mind) and a video of some inspiring music or traditions of families in your studio. Be mindful and intention of how you build your community!


Week 1 Monday: Fun/cute video of a short teaching moment. Or consider a fun photo!

Week 1 Tuesday: Promotional Canva image with your teaching slogan/tag line

Week 1 Wednesday: Joke/Musical Fun Fact

Week 1 Thursday: Upcoming weekend musical event with your studio or in the community

Week 1 Friday: Share a video! This could be you or a student performing, or something inspiring.

Week 1 Saturday: BRIEF Practice Guide or Steps

Week 1 Sunday: A meaningful musical story or why music is so important to you


Week 2 Monday: Canva image to reinforce practice tips

Week 2 Tuesday: Cute picture of beginning student having fun making music or learning

Week 2: Wednesday: Promote benefits of music or exams/performance evaluations

Week 2: Thursday: Upcoming weekend musical event with your studio or in the community

Week 2: Friday: Funny photo that will make people laugh

Week 2: Saturday: Instrument buying guide

Week 2: Sunday: Share something personal about yourself. E.g. what are you thankful for?


Week 3 Monday: Throwback video or photo of a recital

Week 3 Tuesday: Canva Top 10 Reasons to study with you

Week 3 Wednesday: Action photo of a student achieving (performing, receiving a certificate, etc...)

Week 3 Thursday: Upcoming weekend musical event with your studio or in the community

Week 3 Friday: Share a joke

Week 3 Saturday: Did you Know? Fun fact or music trivia

Week 3 Sunday: What does music mean to you? Or feature a student and what music means to them.


Week 4 Monday: Start the week off with an inspiring video!

Week 4 Tuesday: Canva FAQ

Week 4 Wednesday: Feature a student today

Week 4 Thursday: Upcoming weekend musical event with your studio or in the community

Week 4 Friday: One of those "sliding into the weekend" memes that make people laugh

Week 4 Saturday: Group photo from an event that features you and your students

Week 4 Sunday: Share a meme, article or information piece that promotes the benefits of studying music