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Changing the Way We Teach


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Musical Minds Online is a Game Changer! Have you always wanted to play piano but never had the chance? Musical Minds Online makes learning how to play piano easy and is accessible from anywhere. Using video-on-demand from master teacher Kristin Yost, this web-based learning platform is also in all the app stores. That's right: A REAL piano teacher teaching you how to play piano, on the device of your choice. Inspired by her own experiences, founder and teaching artist Kristin Yost takes beginning pianists to an early intermediate level in just 9 lessons. You can literally watch anytime, from anywhere! Want to watch again? No problem, you have unlimited access so you can watch as many times as you’d like. Learning how to play piano using Musical Minds Online is convenient, it's easy-to-understand, and it's affordable.

Some of the highlights of Musical Minds Online include:

  • Personalized and Easy-to-Understand 
  • 20+ Years of Teaching and Performance Experience 
  • Instruction anytime, anywhere 
  • Convenient; In all App stores
  • Free 7-Day Trial
  • Current, fresh-sounding music 
  • Private Facebook Group dedicated to Inspiration and Q&A for subscribers 

With almost 20 years of professional teaching experience, a *Master’s Degree in piano teaching and performance, plus two specialized piano teaching certificates, Yost took her life’s work and created a video-on-demand series specifically for people who have always wanted to learn how to play piano, but are too busy or have otherwise thought you needed to have talent to start out. Yost starts you from the very beginning in your first lesson, and takes you on a journey to becoming an early intermediate pianist in no time. She composed or arranged all of the music within Series 1 and provides a Technical Series 1 to go along with it for pianists who want that extra practice in strengthening fingers and have more advanced goals.

For learners who would like to have their music move along on the screen with them, Musical Minds Onlinealso has Series 1 songs inside of an app called Super Score, which is an incredible practice tool.

You can find us at and sign up anytime to start a 7-day FREE trial.

*Degrees and certifications include:

Master of Music, Southern Methodist University

Bachelor of Arts in Music, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

The Royal Conservatory – Certified Teacher

Music Teachers National Association – Certified Teacher