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Mini Series: Life and Stuff

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What Inspires You to Teach?

I’ve been teaching now for almost 20 years. It’s true, I didn’t know I was THAT old. I also didn’t realize all of the (hundreds) of students I have been able to take on this musical journey with me. I’ve been fortunate in my career that when I start with students, they tend to stay with me for years. Like…I start them and see them through high school. We make music together. We talk about life. We talk about what’s good and what’s not-so. We make music that helps us relate to life. We make music that helps us FEEL. We devise a plan to implement goals. We follow through. We achieve. We have fun. We make beautiful music.

The amazing thing is that each of my students have vastly different goals, which means they are unique artists and people have trusted me to help find the inner creative for each of my students. I love helping people be the best version of themselves so for me, I tend to think 'how AWESOME is this profession?' What is inspiring about teaching for YOU? I would love to hear from you!