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What Makes a Mind, Musical?

Do You Have a Musical Mind?

Music represents ideas and feelings. A mood or a vibe if you will. Lyrics aside, what makes music stick in our brain? That beat that just makes you want to dance, or that great line that was simple enough to remember and sing later when you’re doing something mindless at home probably stick most. We already know that playing a musical instrument is basically one of the best things you can do for your brain and emotional health, but what makes a mind, musical?

Are you born with a musical mind, or can it be taught? I think you can have both. My philosophy for Musical Minds Online is based on a premise that everyone wants to be good at something, and at MMO. we focus on helping people become good at piano. Here’s what we do specifically that encourages a musical mind:

1. Catchy music - always listen!

2. Effective teaching techniques - college degrees with 20+ years of research and experience

3. Clear and simple “how this works” explanations - because no beginner wants the academic version

With these 3 things present, we can create and train ANY mind to become musical. When we use both parts of our brain as we do in music, we are creating all kinds of new memory tags: aural, conceptual and emotional to name a few. These memory tags are what help us use our brain more fully as we age, not to mention help us feel things on a deeper level.  Imagine a wedding without the music. It wouldn't be as meaningful without the music before, during and even after the ceremony. And what about the party after? You have to have music!

With music present in our lives, so many more emotions and life experiences are enriched and heightened in ways that are sometimes difficult to explain. But they can be felt. By simply experiencing music, one can have a musical mind. If music helps you feel just a bit deeper, you have a musical mind.