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App-Based Learning

The Way We Learn Has Changed.

Remember when your parents told you it was absurd to not know math because you 'would never have a calculator with you all the time?' Well...we proved them wrong! Same with having a readily accessible map. Or ordering food, booking a hotel and even buying a house from your device. There is no reason why learning how to play piano can't be effective and enjoyable using your computer or even your phone.

A lot of my students learn songs from YouTube. A surprising number actually. But surprising to whom? I spend my time as a teacher making music come to life and hopefully helping my students enjoy playing. I spend my time showing my students how to practice, how to improve and how to love learning. It's empowering to learn music on your own, especially when you sound good right away. So why not take this type of learning on-the-go with the same experience level, more efficiency in the process and make it accessible whenever, wherever, and have it available at anytime? The goal of Musical Minds Online, and my own teaching isn't to create professional pianists. The goal is make music come to life and enjoy the process. If you want to work on that professional level pianist goal, this is also a great way to open the door. I know of no better, more cost effective way to learn how to play piano in a way that sets you up for any kind of music you might want to learn than this method right here.

Streamlining and grading the music/skills is key. What do I say the same way, over and over? A lot! Musical Minds Online is a gateway to being a REAL musician. You learn REAL piano skills, from a REAL piano teacher. No gimmicks. No shortcuts. With Musical Minds Online Series 1, we learn about rhythm, how to read music, piano technique, pop symbols, finger patterns, scales (optional)...all REAL skills that help students play music they like, on their own. It's fast, efficient and the music is catchy. You can even use the app to learn your scales outside of class/lessons!

The Musical Minds Online Method works! Series 1 alone is over a semester's worth of content, and if you are enrolled in private lessons in any major city in the world, you'll be hard pressed to learn this type of content for less than $800. Take 4 months and it only costs you $160. Be a speed demon and you can finish in just a month for $39.00.

Series 2 will be out soon, but in the meantime, we'd love to have you join the community!