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I love people. In small doses, and sans small talk. So networking is basically painful if I think about it for too long. It's necessary though, and I have met SO many interesting people that I call my friends because of these events and relationships that came out of them.

This morning I was at the Prosper Chamber of Commerce monthly networking meeting, pedaling our newest offering: in-home lessons for their city. Not going to lie. At first I was really dreaded having to get up at 6am and be somewhere, dressed and 'ready to perform' at 7. I am reminded of a few key ideas that I'd like to share with you today:

  1. How awesome is it that I get to share MY company vision with new people? 
  2. There are so many interesting people that I get to meet. 
  3. How will I leave someone changed based on this one event? 
  4. When you are your authentic self, you don't need to perform, therefore don't need to expect so much energy. I was actually energized when I got home.
From this particular event, it really was awesome that I got to share my 30 second message of who/what/why I was there. Talk about a great marketing exercise! I got to meet 3 vegans in the suburbs (in Texas), a personal stylist, the chamber office manager, and a really cool guy named Ed. Ed happened to be connecting school counselors with members in the community to volunteer/mentor children who are considered at-risk and struggling for whatever reason. This is why I went. I was able to connect with him, to volunteer and positively affect a child who needs me.
How will you connect and reconnect this week with those meaningful relationships that inspire and drive you to continue on your path of growth?
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