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Make You Feel My Love

· Practical Pedagogy

One of the most incredible things happens because of shows like The Voice and American Idol, which is separate from the incredible level of talent. It is the bringing of amazing songs to the stage that have otherwise been superseded by the current radio hits, which in turn inspires so many of my students. There is an inner love that is felt and one I happen to think is imperative to our mental and emotional health. One of those classics that my 8th grade girls and high school students absolutely love, is Make You Feel My Love, originally written, recorded and released in 1997 by Bob Dylan.

Adele covered the song in 2008 and put it on her knockout debut album, but before then, Elton John and Garth Brooks also loved it and released their versions of it, to name a few. My students (like me) love Adele, and know her cover. It never fails, they all squeal and say "ohmigosh, I love this song!" when they see the title in my list that I have on my iPad. The possibility of making it their own masterpiece then becomes a reality that excites them. Of course parents love that these old classics come back too. It's almost like a right-of-passage, kind of like Fur Elise. Once you reach a certain age, level and maturity marker, it's a song that you love to play, and one that sticks.

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