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Welcome Email

What to Include

· Music Business

Welcome to the Centre for Musical Minds! We look forward to guiding you on your musical journey. Below is important information we want you to be aware of; we do recommend saving this email for future reference.

  • Website. Our website provides all of the important information you will need, including our calendar of events during the school year. Please visit at your convenience by going to
  • Enrollment Form. At the time of enrollment, and/or every August, we require a parent signature on our Enrollment Packet.  Please initial/sign in the appropriate areas and submit. 
  • Account. We use to keep your invoices and accounting information available to you 24/7. You can also view your lesson day/time confirmation in your calendar here. To login, use the first part of your email address (lpkaravadi) and password 12345. 
  • Payment. We accept all forms of payment! Payment can be made using a credit card on PayPal, your actual PayPal account, a credit card using the credit card option from your invoice, bill pay using your bank, cash or even bring a check. We do prefer our clients use the PayPal portal, but whatever works best for you! 
  • Calendar. Our website has our calendar featured on the main menu bar. We use this calendar to sign up for any performances, performance classes and events (they are all clickable!) outside of regular private lessons. 
  • Questions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact CMM Assistant Director, Rhonda Brooks at or 214-586-4309