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The Story of Booski and Bob

by Neeki Bey

· Life

The story of Booski and Bob

by Neeki Bey (

I don’t know about you, but I have at least two voices inside me trying to tell their story.

Booski (powerful, proactive, adventurous) and Bob (taciturn, stationary, judger)

Booski looks out at the world and sees a freaking beautiful buffet. He see opportunities and is eager to have fun, network, learn and grow. He’s not concerned with what others are doing or thinking about him, because he simply enjoys the buffet so much. For Booski fulfillment is being in the mix.

Bob on the other hand is Mr. Security. He plays it safe and doesn’t want to do the things that Booski thinks are fun. Actually he thinks Booski is ridiculous in how he always wants to do stuff that other people aren’t doing. Bob’s always asking, why wake up early, why read those books, why meet those people? You don’t have to do that stuff Booski. The cool people aren’t doing that stuff Boo, so why should you.


It’s crazy ya’ll. I’m giving you a little insight into my mind, because I believe I’m not alone in this. I was reading one of my books yesterday that I’m super-enjoying right now and I found this voice (Bob) within me critiquing the fact that I was reading and learning simply based on the fact that Bob thought I was working harder than others were and that was not cool. In essence, myself was judging myself for something it was doing to make it better.


What the hell?!! It’s as if part of myself has a built in self-sabotage mechanism.

Of course this isn’t the first time Bob has showed up. He loves making cameos. He’s got equity. You know, with Bob it always starts with minimal effort. He is always saying I’m working too hard, never I’m working too little. It's almost as if he is just afraid of looking foolish. I’m not sure why looks matter so much to Bob. That guy, he's afraid of sticking his neck out and being exposed. The crazy thing about Bob is that he won’t even give credit where it’s due for past success. He never pauses long enough to look at what has brought us success in the past and acknowledge the fact that when we put in the effort, we win!!


Booski tries to tell Bob, hey don’t look left, right, up and down to try to figure out what other people are doing. Let’s just do what makes us win. We got this! But then here goes Bob, do you think all the people that you look up to in life, do you think they're sitting there listening to these stupid books and doing the stupid stuff that you're doing?


What’s weird is for Bob, all that it takes is one exception to prove his point. He’s not trying to look at what the majority of high achievers are doing to be successful. He just wants an escape so that he can stay cool and keep it safe!


I know that Bob has good intentions. And I’m not trying to create an internal civil war. But I’ve served Bob written notice, Booski is in control!