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Frisco's First Piano School Using AI

The Centre for Musical Minds has been in Frisco since 2008 when Kristin Yost and Sam Holland (now Dean of Meadows School of the Arts, SMU) designed a forward thinking music school that would rival any college prep piano program in the country. With an unrelenting eye on creating meaningful experiences and connections, CMM is now taking its students into exciting new possibilities using cutting edge apps to enhance their in-person lessons. Implementing a 5-pillar learning approach using Literacy, Performance, Interpretation, Arranging/Composing and Theory, lesson time with the teacher is of the essence. Using these technology tools, CMM students learn more music, at a faster rate than any other school, and on a higher level. Here are the top 3 apps we're using that make us unique:

  • MusicalMindsOnline - taught by Royal Conservatory certified teacher Kristin Yost, students have access to all of their Scales (one and two octaves). This saves significant lesson time and is presented in bite-sized, easy to understand bites that the student can do on their own, at home. I'm loving not spending lesson time on scales!
  • Piano Maestro - students have access to this amazing world of practice using accompaniment tracks for familiar songs, lesson book materials and favorite pop music. In particular, this is a fun practice app that encourages listening and steady rhythm. 
  • Tonara - this revolutionary app uses artificial intelligence to listen to a student practice, and keeps track of each student on their studio leaderboard, as well as globally. It measures practice time and we keep track of all assignments digitally, that allow us to include recordings, photos and music, all inside the app. Students are LOVING this!
I'm a huge fan of using technology to make my life easier and to help my students. These 3 apps are the most results-driven apps of 2019 that help me reach my goals with our students. We live in an amazing world. I can't wait to update you all on the year we have! What are you using that is propelling your students forward this year?