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Done is Better Than Perfect

Sheryl Sandberg's quote from her book Lean In, is one that I personally live by, because if I waited for perfection with everything I put out, I wouldn't have anything out there. I would never perform. I wouldn't have this website, or my company website. What I interpret this saying to mean is this: aim for your best, do your best and get the job done. What are some of the things you have wanted to put out, but didn't feel "ready", or "good enough" to send out into the universe?

If authors or software companies never finished anything until it was perfect, computers would have taken decades instead of years to evolve, maybe longer. Numerous games and apps would never be released. Would we even have smartphones? Sometimes the release of an article, book, performance, app is better with kinks than it is stuck on your computer, in your living or in your head. Take for example the software releases that Apple does. There are always kinks. It's never 'perfect.' But, it's done. And then then make adjustments to make it as perfect as they possibly can.

What if changed our mindset and operated from a place of positive intent instead of fear. The only reason we don't release projects is because we have a fear inside of us that wins over "the other." Am I saying just go through motions and call it good? No, but I am saying that perfection is a slippery slope, and if you are a creator, it's a better idea to get your ideas and projects out into the world than it is to keep them in a safe place on your computer. Put forth the effort of your personal best in that moment, and let it go.