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Control What We Can, Let Go of the Rest

In thoughts, and practice

· Life

This morning I woke up to the news about the largest mass shooting in US history. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I feel desensitized by it. Didn't we just break this record recently? Praying/meditating is great, but what else can I do?

There are millions of people that recently lost their loved ones, their homes, their possessions and many lost their livelihood from these hurricanes. So when does the bad news stop? It doesn't. That's the thing. The fact that I can sit in my comfortable home thinking about this, writing, drinking my coffee is a privilege. The question that makes the most sense to me to be asking right now, is "what can I do in my daily life that can positively affect the rest of the world?" Praying is good, but who is that helping most? Me and my conscience. Worrying is a tragic waste of energy. Hope is too, for that matter, if there are no action steps.

Making music is my answer to what I can do most to positively affect the rest of the world. I'm absolutely serious here. Making music and bringing that love, that release, that passion to every day lives is my answer. I love to do this with children and adults. I love cultivating those relationships and helping. Giving of my time, my expertise and love. I can't control crazy people. I can't control gun laws (trust me, I consistently try) and I can't control the hate spewed from people's mouths and their twitter accounts. What I CAN control are my thoughts. The lens that I see the world is one that I create, along with the language I use. I can control my business. I can control whether I thrive or don't. I can control how I treat other people. I can control the types of music my students play. I can help make their musical dreams come true!

So instead of choosing sadness on a day like today, I am going to choose to keep my lens of love and music open, bright and thriving. I am going to keep writing, I am going to work on my business, I am going to teach with intention, love with intention and be present for ALL of the good things around me. What will you choose today?