• A Must for Independent Teachers!

    Are you looking to level up in your music teaching career? Thinking about starting a music school? This book is essential for you!


    Yost provides Business Practices, Pedagogy and Sound Advice for thriving as an independent music teaching artist. In this book, she brings her experience and expertise to piano teachers around the world.


    From the author of How I Made $100,000 My First Year as a Piano Teacher.

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  • Workshops

    Kristin has a variety of presentations and workshops readily available with topics ranging from the business of being a teaching artist to current pedagogical trends. Below are a few samples. Contact her today about doing a workshop for your organization!

    The Pop Recital!

    Making music come to life at a recital everyone loves!

    With over 10 years of putting on a great show, Kristin's expertise here is hard to beat. Kristin walks you through timeline, provides great preparatory steps, a thorough checklist and gives great song/piece suggestions. Perfect for teachers if you are just starting out or want to improve your existing performances.

    Live the Dream: Thrive in a Career You Love

    Gain sound business practices to set yourself up for success.

    Take vacations, have 12 months of revenue and save for retirement. This session will allow you to realize your earning potential and provide solutions for your concerns, all while doing what you love.


    Make Music Come to Life

    Elevate Your Recitals!

    Provide unique, engaging performance opportunities for your students and hit it out of the park with a "Pop Showcase”! Learn how to simply and effectively elevate your recitals and get the secrets and how-to’s for putting on your own Pop Showcase or creative performance.

    The Mindset of a $100,000 Piano Teacher

    Plan, Implement and Reflect

    Take in the big ideas and implement small, consistent steps to create a life you love. In this session you will receive real-life numbers that you need in place to maximize your earning potential. From budgets, to contracts and beyond, this session is imperative for all professional music teachers to attend!

    Create Every Day!

    Keys to a Flourishing (Musical) Mind

    Be the best version of yourself! Unlock your creative process and refocus your growth-minded path of musician, busy professional, parent-extraordinaire and inspired community member. Learn how to balance your values and passions to find the inner strength and energy you forgot you had to nurture curiosity and growth.

    Write Your Own Music

    A Pop-Music Approach to Songwriting for Pianists

    Learn how to express your own musical ideas using a pop-song roadmap for basic song-form. This lays the groundwork for amazing things to come! Receive practical and easy-to-apply ideas for harmony, form and rhythm. This session works best if piano students have had two years of study and some pop music experience using lead sheets or chord charts. All teachers welcome!

  • Consulting

    Do you want to take your studio or teaching to the next level? Check out my consulting packages! The past fifteen years, 10 years of which I have owned a school, will translate to a significant boost to your bottom line.

  • Materials

    Check out some of my previously published work


    How I Made $100,000 My First Year as a Piano Teacher

    Read the story of Yost's phenomenal first year as a piano teacher!

    Piano Accents

    A world of music for the piano!

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    Pianist. Teacher. Clinician.

  • About Kristin 

    In her mid twenties, Kristin began a teaching path that was inspired by the traditional but propelled by the creative. She began trying to solve the puzzle of how to keep students interested in making music with a goal of keeping them involved in live music throughout their lifetime. Through almost a decade of research and hundreds of students, Kristin has achieved a formula for success not only for her students, but also for herself. She emphasizes joy, creativity and perseverance with long-view goals that focus on each person as a collection of strengths.

    • Certified Teacher with The Royal Conservatory, 2016
    • Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, 2006
    • M.M. Piano Performance and Pedagogy Southern Methodist University, 2006
    • B.A. University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, 2004

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